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  • Offer one million dollars to anyone who can show evidence of any paranormal power or event.
  • The real science behind science fiction, time travel, crystals, teleporters, aliens and shields.

  • Biorhythm

  • Biorhythm calculator, celebrities database, critical days, complete day info, etc.
  • Biorhythm calculator, physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, awareness, etc.

  • Ghosts

  • Gallery of authentic ghost pictures, spirit evidence and shadow anomalies, forum and articles.
  • See "real" ghost photos and submit photos that you have.

  • Monsters

  • Monsters community, gallery, news, videos and shop.

  • Real Magic

  • Magic wands, wand pendants, stands, magical jewelry, statues, spell kits, stones, etc.
  • Magical and ritual arts, psychic and divinatory arts, metaphysical and magical traditions, etc.

  • Telepathy

  • History, science, quantum mechanics, technologically-assisted telepathy, facts, etc.
  • What is telepathy, develop telepathy, twin telepathy, learn telepathic communications.

  • Teleportation

  • A teleportation machine would be like a fax machine, except that it would work on 3D objects.
  • Learn about experiments in teleportation, quantum teleportation and genetic cloning.