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  • View a map of the Earth or the Moon showing the day and night regions at this moment.
  • Explore Earth using satellite imagery, topographic maps and images from other data sources.
  • View images of the earth from various satellites (3D images, open source, unique features).
  • Fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, and explore galaxies in the Sky.
  • 20 July 2006 - Millions of people jump together every year in order to change the Earth's orbit
  • New Yorkers go about unaware of what is happening just beneath their feet

  • Geography

  • Quizzes on Africa, Asia, Australia, Oceania, Europe, North America, and South America.
  • Learn geography (70 different exercises) Learn about countries, capitals, flags, cities and more.

  • Geology

  • Journey through the history of Earth, examine the fossil record and stratigraphy.
  • Current events, news, articles, dictionary, satellite images, careers, reference maps, etc.

  • Oceans

  • Oceanography news, ocean currents, coastal erosion, sea level rising, etc.
  • Articles that chronicle all aspects of ocean science and its applications.
  • Effects of climate change, marine biology education, ocean and marine organisms, etc.
  • Explore data on locations of marine animals and plants, obtain data tables, maps, etc.